Time whistles thru the cool night air
Sand in my toes, a six-inch layer
An hourglass figure I adore
Walking the shore, Time he snores
The lady makes a shroud for me
Needle, yarn, hot chocolate tea
It’s a bit much as she walks by
He’s from New York, she’s in his eye

When we’re together Time and I
Silver I notice as eyes comb the sky
We can fight it, flee, or take a spree
One thing is sure, life will endure
Is it measured by clocks on the wall
Or, by the rulers in a deep snow fall
If Father Time awakes from his snore
Thru spectacles he will read folklore

Ice cream, castles, on the air
Looking back to that first stare
The beautiful brook I did find
Babbled at me and what a mind
When it’s over for me and my three
Plenty of shrouds will cover knees
And we’ll have a safe place to stay
If our castles won’t wash away

A man says with very much might
Build your house, be ready to fight
Awaking from sleep seize the matter
A horseshoe nail, be ready for battle
I’ve thought a lot of this thing, Time
So much that I sit and write rhymes
Rhythms, tick tock, a beating clock
Our house will be made of solid block

If Time could tell you what to do
And everyone had big ears too
We’d find carrots beneath the snow
Through our years helping us grow
I believe I may, I believe I might
Begin to dig them up each night
Through grace, love and Time for me
A new life I’m beginning to see