Fruit Basket Turnover

I’ll tell you about a marriage these days
The basket of fruit and its many ways
You may agree this is how it goes-

After several years some Pears get sour
He’s Plum Bananas for another flower
The Fruit Basket may Turnover-

So Sugar if it’s only about to tilt
Catch the Apple in your eye before he melts
Into the arms of another one-

It is sour Grapes for married folks
If the situation dictates a Cantaloupe
Don’t let the Fruit Basket Turnover-

But Peaches if your basket is upside down
Don’t tell Papaya coming back to town
Try and Fig you’re out on a Date

And if you’re a Mandarin creator of hype
He may take on the challenging type-
Or it could end in a Pummelo

Juice will make you silly, take it from a Bud
I bet he wasn’t thinking of a blossom’s love
The Fruit Basket and why it gets those hugs-

So I will keep my devotion just right
Add Honey, and we Muscadine out tonight
And won’t let my Fruit Basket Turnover!