I understand. You’re feeling somewhat stressed, needing the immediate gratification that only rhymes and music can provide. You find yourself reaching for the tablet next to you and trying to control the urge to participate. But always giving in, you take your tablet and seek this fascinating destination where thoughts and image are put into motion with lyrics and song.

It’s when your thumb and index finger begin to shake, as you point at an icon, that you realize you’ve begun to have an uncontrollable fascination for pure joy. Joy that can only be explained by the sense of complete understanding. Enlightenment provided by going back in time with thought, music and rhyme. Arriving at this place where inspiration is captured and feats are arranged.

In years past addictions began for many while traveling in a car. Today electric currents provide the fiber optic delivery of information on an internet super highway. Thousands of wonderful, insightful app developers help us travel this interstate requiring mental alertness.

These apps can help us understand things such as how much time it takes to make trips to and from a chosen destination. Until, if we take that trip, returning home, we feel the need to reach for a tablet, once again, and become mesmerized by its potent affects.

It’s my hope that you’re looking forward to being captivated on this and all future visits to Mind Keepers, a home for ambiguous points.

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