I like to imagine what individuals enjoy when they visit this site. Perception can be different when analyzing and discovering the entertainment value of pages and posts that are seen here. Utilizing images, a poem or prose, together with videos, I hope to convey a message that people find entertaining. Music provides the emotion, an image sparks interest, and what’s written becomes a monument of the moment.

Music heard on my posts can be thought of as a ‘universal language’ that people understand. This is evidenced by the fact that great entertainers sometime achieve worldwide recognition, breaking through the ever-present language barriers and delivering their artistry to those in countries around the world.

Influenced by the stellar arrangement and delivery of 7+ notes in various configurations, the super-talented vie for attention. Receiving glorious receptions, believing in the power of a message, their influence is felt by all as their songs radiate into the very core of those in attendance at concerts.

I’ve enjoyed using Mind Keepers to understand the human condition, and myself, in this seemingly nonsensical world. I realize, like everyone, that we all await only one arrival day to our credit. And that staying on course, as we approach that day with goals, makes us equally important as we attempt to go on record being the best we can be in our chosen endeavors.

I’m always looking forward to the next spark that leads to time rocking thought, image and rhyme here at Mind Keepers, a home for ambiguous points.

Thanks for the visit,