Locomotive Designs

“This loco world
helps songwriters find
A motive behind
writing great rhymes
Proving to others
their work can be fine
Showcasing tunes
with special designs

Great architects place
wine on the staff
For an ad lib
performing their craft
Creating the smoke
within each song
Repeated bars
being carried along”

Hungry Child

Follow the directions

“He was taught as a child
To handle the U
When to tighten his lips
Mull over a chew

If baring his worries
To those in the play
His friends would digest
What he had to say

Popular psychopaths
Were first with the cracks
To impress all their friends
A grasp on the facts

If he dropped a chick
Then calls from the wild
Broadcast with their tongues
‘The next hungry child”


“Precious gold upon the teeth
Give a miner strong beliefs
Layla whom they want to know
While all monitor the show

Slurping water from the greed
Later bragging of her deeds
Through the place a wagon train
Seeking answers for their pain”

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