War Chanting

“The corps had a long talk
with an expressive man
He could hold their attention
with those big grandstands

He would talk of his might
and his gift for a fight
How most everyone knew
what he said was the truth

One unfortunate Tuesday
he lost all his teeth
So they had to write words
for his grand outward reach

And his thoughts became slight
with his gift out of sight
All attention was lost
while his following got tossed”

Cracker Jack

“Preparing for tapestry
sowing gone awry
Fables will be borne by
pin cushions in the sky

Awaiting leader ships
to keep a world in check
We will iron out wrinkles
onboard the landing decks

They’ll be so astonished
by all pointed things
Masters of those carriers
floating high for queens

Pressing by smartphones
will travel home the fastest
Pins take hits in pockets
while turkeys get blasted

Veterans return and
talk of time well spent
Except for missing ones
landing with other gents

If history repeats itself
and we’re attacked
Who will be on each side
is held by cracker jack”


“Resolution brings solutions
For confusion from contusions
If you’re reeling with bad feelings
From getting hit by life’s big fist

Blurred vision hinders decisions
You won’t get stuck if you’ll just duck
Then counterpunch with a hunch
That tells you fell life with the bell”


“I’ve learned about the ups and downs
The paths that we can go
And found from being my own boss
It’s based on the payload
Others on a handheld journey
Above those down below
Are caught by the traveling sweeps
Of their check it out show

So, in the West and to the East
The winds will hit their mark
Until the chance of showing up
Is blown away in dark
And morning brings another day
For steadfast photo ops
While travelers that can’t sit still
Put us in touch with shots

Don’t think of me understanding
Who we have become
How I may fit into the plans
While they’re on the run
Carried away inside a show
What will bring the sun
Call me windswept Todo
On a web being spun

Castaways, cast away, from a place
They called Nod
Castaways, cast away, to a home
Inside pods
Castaways, cast away, from a place
They called Nod
Castaways, cast away
Inside pods

Breakaway, break away
With great Dog!”

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