Meaningful Understanding Song In Creation

“Music is a universal language
All people understand
From a babe in mother’s arms
Till they’re buried in the land
As God’s children we should know
Of promised eternity
Can music help us all to live
In peaceful harmony

When life began as a master plan
Melodic music was to us,
A part of our physiological art
The beat originated in our hearts
Due to demands for sheep in His hands
He made music a primary way,
Giving means to make sense of the scheme
Providing rhythm to our dreams
The next time you feel life’s a bit unreal
Don’t be in the least distraught
Give the following rhyme a little time
To find a place in your thoughts

Have you considered how life can be
Like a lullaby that puts you to sleep
Open your ears to the acapella sound
Of harmonic tones floating around
Some people’s lives are full of fear
You can tell by cries that you hear
Here, there, everywhere feelings fly
They haven’t composed their lullaby

Your lullaby will someday bring sleep
To the performer that sets the beat
Pick a time signature and write a line
That gives your lullaby everlasting time

When your lullaby is in the right key
A whole new life you’ll begin to see
Each day a note is added to the melody
Affecting the outcome of your destiny
If that song of yours has the right sound
Blessings in your life will start to abound
Before many measures pass by you’ll see
That happiness lies with, the Trinity

Your lullaby will someday bring sleep
To the performer that sets the beat
Pick a time signature and write a line
That gives your lullaby everlasting time”


“Given current circumstances on the international front, many countries around the world are under a threat of starvation. When hunger causes the situation to become unmanageable, it will become too difficult to institute the freedoms and lifestyle that the average American enjoys. This creates the possibility of a global fire with no department to control and extinguish the blaze.”

The Twist

Tired of your pick flying into your curvaceous acoustic beauty while strumming?
Want to be recognized as being the best for getting your pick out of her in record time?
Accept this challenge for improving your guitar skills by entering our Twist Competition, a timed pick entry/removal contest.

Rules are as follows:

1. Place 1 pick of any size into your favorite Pre-2014 Taylor acoustic guitar. Shake the guitar until the pick is at her bottom.
2. Then, lightly shake her until your pick is in the correct position between the braces, twist her upside down getting the pick to exit your beauty through the strings of the hole in her sound board.*
3. The present record time to beat, from placement to removal, has been established to be 37 seconds.
4. Be sure to video yourself attempting to beat the clock. Send a copy of the video along with your email address to my attention at
5. If it is determined that your accomplishment was done in less than 37 seconds, our panel of judges will declare you the new record holder of the 9th Annual Twist Competition.

*Entering this contest is not suggested if your guitar is outfitted with an EXPRESSION SOUND SYSTEM.

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