“Dear Mr. Lathers:

When you arrive for your appointment on Thursday, you’ll find that access through our front door on Cliff Avenue is not available due to a redecorating project taking place in our waiting room.  There is another entrance available through our backdoor.

Use the front entrance to the State Dopamine Regulator’s Office on the corner of Cliff and Independence Blvd.  Proceed down the hallway past the 10 machines on your right.  Once you reach the bathrooms, exit through the backdoor into the alley.  My office’s other entrance will be to your immediate left.

We ask that you be on time for your appointment, and please don’t forget to bring your insurance information.


Katherine K. Shows, A.I.C., MSW”


“When in the crosshairs
and they’re out of sight
wondering what you should do
Just pin the guys down
with well-placed pronouns
till you get paid by the dues”

Big Hoax

“It’s often said of the doves
Who fell to earth in love
That hunters in the deep South
Kissed an antebellum house

Everyone thought that size
Would bag the winner’s prize
Till bankers in Queens, New York
Picked up all on the course

Suburbs chose their new mayors
Outthinking all the players
And cities did go dead broke
Muni bosses with a big hoax”

From Pro Shop

“I peer through lenses
to places underneath
On a majestic perch
above receptacles
with lonely shafts
Taken by a range
of possibilities
that lie
‘the voyage across
pathways of friendly fits”

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