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Cus: Why is saying Merry Christmas to all frowned upon?
Mer: The whole world doesn’t celebrate Christmas.
Cus: Why doesn’t everyone get on the same page?
Mer: Not everybody uses the same book.
Cus: Should we all use the same brand of computers?
Mer: Only if everybody understands English.
Cus: Let’s travel afar and give MS Word to all on earth.
Mer: Merry Christmas!

Frank N. Sense – contributor


Precious gold upon the teeth
Give a miner strong beliefs
Layla whom they want to know
While all monitor the show

Slurping water from the greed
Later bragging of her deeds
Through the place a wagon train
Seeking answers for their pain

Spoon Patch

George Martin’s skills
could call the shots
at a studio match

With mentor brew
he’d take his group
for Abbey Road’s next batch

While he steeped twice
they each played thrice
and all mixed their new catch

Then Rubber Soul
would turn to gold
invading our spoon patch

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