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It starts in a big White House
Coon dogs trap a tailless mouse
Breaking in a jam party
Taking turns hijacking three

Perfect rhythm on their brains
Will daily make them go insane
Trying to find a flawless cure
Hiding beneath the cow manure

Making those offensive potions
Dancing around keys in motion
Laughing till their heart’s content
Programs meant for time misspent

So, if you want to play the game
A robot that will take all blame
Don’t become a birdbrain prop
Stop the dope that makes you hop


Upon the racetrack we call life
Are caged-in people full of strife
Momentum drives the buzzing hive
If all survive a reckless dive

The chase is on for trophy bucks
First place takes some strategic luck
A grand demolish will replenish
The crowd’s wish for a great finish

Cracker Jack

Preparing for tapestry
sowing gone awry
Legends will be borne
by cushions up high

Admonishing holy rollers
to keep a world in check
Who will iron out wrinkles
onboard landing decks

They’ll be so astonished
by the pointed things
Masters of those carriers
floating toward beams

Pressing by smartphones
travels home fastest
Pens take hits in pockets
Garments get blasted

Classmates return with
Talks of time well spent
Sending dirty dogs
Upstairs with their gent

When history repeats itself
and we get attacked
Know the remote control
is held by Cracker Jack

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