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Sneaky Pete

Hasten comes from a needy family
The judge hears addicts at his knees
When children run to the rescue
Police cars make their daily news

While he is serving way too hard
His .38 special is kissing guards
Cell mates think that he is cool
Good vibrations circle the schools

All know what he is out to prove
Acceptance in the treatment pool
Fate has him drinking too much in
Taking the stage, riding a trend

Then what we get from his lawyers
Are happy states and mini employers
So, next time you’re on a hot dog binge
Watch out for Montezuma’s revenge


Tales of the Battle at Shiloh
In eighteen sixty-two
Will always be handed down
By folks who want the truth

Hiram buried family gold
No one knew of its place
He rode to fight the Yankees
To save their southern space

A fierce battle, nobody knows
About his bloody day
Just, Hi Neighbors lost his life
Put down in a mass grave

Now times do swiftly pass on
And few question the fact
The story of a pot of gold
Lost on that family’s tract

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